2015-04-02_0002Newborn Sessions

The best time to schedule a newborn session is before the arrival of your little one.  Lemon Twist Images only takes on a limited amount of newborn sessions per month.  About a week must be reserved around each due date to make sure there is an opening on the LTI calender.  Newborns photograph best in the first 10 days of life while they are still sleepy and small.  It’s quite shocking at how fast they grow out of the freshness of the newborn stage and blossom into infants.  Try to feed your newborn before arrival and upon arrival to the studio.  A topped off newborn is typically a sleepy newborn.  If you and any siblings would like photos with the newborn I recommend bringing neutral colored clothing, either gray, beige, or white.  The focus should be on the newborn and not brightly colored or patterned clothing.  Also I would recommend bring an extra shirt just in case of little accidents.  Be prepared, it will be very warm in the studio, usually somewhere between 80-85 degrees to keep you newest arrival comfortable and cozy.  Remember they are used to 98 degrees in the womb.  Remember to stay relaxed and calm during the session, babies can sense any tension or stress in the room.  If siblings are present we try to capture those images first and please have an additional adult such as a grandparent take the sibling home (or even out for ice cream!) while we finish our newborn session together.  Please be aware the average newborn session lasts approximately 3 hours with brakes in between for feedings and snuggles.


Portrait Locations

Family and children portrait sessions can take place either in studio or at a location within the Chicago land area.  There are a number of wonderful locations such as parks, beaches and urban settings to rustic barns.  I’m happy to work with you on finding a location or even using one that is special or meaningful to you and your family.  Activities are also a wonderful way to interact with your family during our session such as reading books, picnicking, or making cookies together.



It’s best to coordinate without being overly matchy.  You don’t want to wear all white t-shirts and jeans.  Instead try to express your child or families unique style.  To make sure everyone looks great standing next to each other try to pick one or two colors and tie it through the outfits.  Say Dad has a red tie, baby daughter has a red dress and mom is rocking an awesome pair of red heels.  Accessories also work wonders when tying colors together, chunky jewelry, shoes, hair pieces etc.  To keep the look timeless try to stay away from trendy clothing with big words and logos.


Enjoy the Session!

Try to relax and have fun!  Children definitely have a mind of their own, but instead of getting stressed, we roll with it, laugh it off, and have a great time.  Being a mother myself, I promise any meltdowns, accidents, or temper-tantrums, wont phase me at all, I’ll just go with the flow.  Some of my favorite images are those that are completely candid and unplanned.   It’s always a great idea to bring little treats to encourage smiles for the camera (as long as it’s not too messy of a treat!).  Make sure your little ones have eaten a meal or decent snack and have had a nap, if they require it, before our session.