2015-04-19_0001I believe every pancake should have chocolate chips in it.

Drive in movies are super romantic, even when Spiderman is the feature film.

I feel guilty passing up an antique store and not setting foot inside, it’s all about the treasure hunt.

I dream about mountains, literately.  If I have the chance I WILL live in Sedona Arizona, or Breckenridge Colorado, maybe New Zealand.

If my goals don’t terrify me they’re not worth having.

I try to sneak new Anthropologie clothing into my wardrobe without my husband knowing, it’s usually a fail.

I believe in true love and having a soul mate.  I found mine at Medieval Times, he was a knight and I was a serving wench back in the day.  Corny but true.

A smile and a laugh are the most precious accessories any girl can wear.

Toddler snuggles and coffee are the highlight of my morning, it’s the only way to properly wake up.

I believe in laughing so hard I cry as the best medicine.


Now That you know a bit about me, I’d love to hear your story!