Megan Von Schönhoff


I feel guilty passing up an antique store and not setting foot inside, it's all about the treasure hunt.

I dream about mountains, literately.  If I have the chance I WILL live in Sedona Arizona, or Breckenridge Colorado, maybe New Zealand.

If my goals don't terrify me they're not worth having.

I believe in true love and having a soul mate.  I found mine at Medieval Times, he was a knight and I was a serving wench back in the day.  Corny but true.

A smile and a laugh are the most precious accessories any girl can wear.

Toddler + puppy snuggles and coffee are the highlight of my morning, it's the only way to properly wake up.

I believe in laughing so hard I cry as the best medicine.



A wedding day is so personal and I think of all my clients as friends.  As a wedding photographer for over a decade now, my goal is simple.  I want to create images that make you feel something, images that take you back to THAT moment, sending waves of nostalgia and glimpses of happiness.  Images that tell your story in an honest and beautiful way.  

My work is designed to resonate with the wildly in love, The couple that is aware that not everything will go right on the day of, and quite frankly they don't care.  For the couple that wants a marriage, not just a wedding.  My couples desire images that capture the heart of who they are and arn't afraid of getting a little dirty to make it happen.  If this sounds like you and you share the same passion for life, send a message, I'd love to be a part of your journey.