Valentines day and Unique wedding ideas | Northwood Bentwood Wooden Rings |Nova Scotia Rings

So I just HAD to blog this because I think I found my next love.  As many of you know Lemon Twist Images caters to a somewhat whimsical unique crowd for weddings and portraiture and what better way to say I Do than with a creation?  So even though I’m already married, our wedding day long in the past I couldn’t help but swoon over these wooden rings.  Whats even more awesome is that the company is run by husband and wife master wood workers.  I was doing more research into this and unlike other wooden rings they use a bentwood process that actually involves wrapping and bending the wood.  With a cut wooden ring, the grain is exposed and vulnerable on 2 sides opening up more possibilities for damage, but with a bentwood ring the grain is oriented around and around in several layers creating a durable ring and no weak spots.  Yes I have done my research…I want one of these puppies…(hint hint hubby if you’re reading this!)

So Valentines day is just around the corner and the Northwood Bentwood Wooden Rings have inspired me to put together this little blog post in hopes that you may find exactly what you may be looking for in regards to and off beat and trendy option to really Wow your sweetheart.  Go ahead and give them a call (or better yet place an order 😉 ) because their services for Valentine’s Day is limited.  But not just V-day, there is also Mother’s day to keep the love flowin’!  I was raised in a family of woodworkers so I know for fact everything about the Northwood rings is top quality.  It takes a lot of time, skill and dedication to your craft to create something as beautiful as they have so stop on by when you get a chance!