AB Huff Graduation | Lackland Air Force Base | Lemon Twist Images

About a week ago I had the honor of attending my brother’s graduation from Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.  One of the coolest experiences I’ve had in a while, just being at the graduation sent goosebumps up my arms and I had so much pride in my brother.  It was amazing hearing his experiences and the things they had to go through on a daily basis as he mentioned just trying to make it from one meal to the next was the goal.

We started off our visit watching the Airman’s run on a strangely brisk morning with the sun slowly rising above the Texas horizon. Which then lead into the coin ceremony.  Alex’ flight 080 originally had a rocky start trying to pull together as a team but the 50 of them overcame their differences , so much so they ended up winning Warrior flight among other awards and recognition.

Proud doesn’t even begin to explain.

After the coin ceremony we were able to FINALLY spend time with Alex at first around base the first day, and then after graduation in the following days was off base liberty for the Airmen.  We hit up downtown San Antono, the Riverwalk, the zoo, various restaurants, and were even able to catch a movie together.

He looks different (shaved head and all!) and acts slightly different, well just a better, well polished version of the Alex we all know and love.  His dedication to his country and flag is admirable and there is a passion burning inside of him that wasn’t there previously.  Being a part of the Air Force has sparked something in him, something that he knows is bigger than any individual person.  It takes the dedication from within to continue to push forward and mold oneself into a person who is driven, honest, and passionate, a person who puts Country before self and knows it will take everything they have to achieve their goals.  Alex has transformed into this person, he lives and breathes it.  I know when he looks back at his life when he’s old and gray he will relive countless memories and experiences from what will eventually be coined ‘the good ol’ days.’  This is the beginning to something wonderful and a life filled with learning and adventure…and he deserves every good moment that crosses his path.