Looking Back at 2013 | Chicago Wedding Photographer | Lemon Twist Images

2013 has been a blast, I’ve been loaded with caffeine most of the time, but a blast none the less.

I’ve worked with so many amazing couples this year and am so grateful to my brides and grooms for trusting me with being their wedding photographer on one of the biggest days of their lives.  It’s such an honor, really.

It has been amazing building a relationship with each of my couples, going into bookings as a business partnership and coming out the other side as friends.  How many people can say that about their job?  I get to celebrate with my whole heart and create works of art from they joy that I’m experiencing from each wedding.  Seriously, Best…Job…Ever!

This year has been tough, I’m not going to sugar coat it.  I bit off way more than I should have, fell way behind on blog posts, booked a TON of weddings (57 to be exact) and grew my Portraiture business by (get this) 300% !!  Never will you catch me complaining, its been an overwhelming blessing.  Now that I’m able to take a step back and review the year I’ve decided to limit the amount of weddings I’ll be taking for 2014 and into 2015 to continue to provide amazing quality, one on one service, and beautiful attention to detail, because each of my couples deserves that.  You are all worth that kind of service and quality, don’t let anyone else tell you differently.   Especially when it’s about your wedding day, girlfriend (and guy friends) you are royalty!

I’m splitting the following images into categories the first being Getting Ready images, then Ceremony, Creative Portraiture, Details and finally the Reception.  These categories loosely follow my portfolio outline of categories that I think adequately sum up the day.  The following images are only the tip of the ice burg (The images I was able to pull up in my son’s 2 1/2 hours of nap time)  There are so many more wonderful moments that I know I haven’t been able to post, but I want to share a sampling of what 2013 plated up and served on a silver platter…


Getting Ready and Preparations ~

I Love getting ready images, it’s mostly photojournalism mixed with beautiful details and busy, happy mornings full of anticipation.

The day is full ahead of us and the possibilities for amazing images seems endless!  I swoon over a good cup of coffee in the morning while the ladies and gents are getting ready and just generally taking our time to capture awesomeness.

The little moments hold so much meaning, praying, a gorgeous bride putting on her grandmothers heirloom bracelet, seeing the flowers for the first time and reading love notes from future spouses 🙂


The Ceremony ~

Where the magic really happens 😉


Creative Portraiture ~

I tell my couples going into a wedding day I don’t always have an exact plan for every pose, it all depends on lighting, location, poses for different body types ect.  But I do have a knack for finding that perfect situation to unleash my creative beast on.  I call it the “OOooo Shiny!!” effect, meaning I find what is unique and special about each couple and their wedding day and play up on that to create a spectacular image tailored just for them.


Details ~

Details and I are like grilled PB & J

no really, I studied food and table top photography while going through school so my couples are guaranteed to have some fab details to help tell the story of their wedding day.



Time to let your hair down, shake it out and party until the wee hours!