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This week marks the first week in November and that means the Holidays are fast approaching wrapped up with a tidy bow of snow and icicles.  So to commemorate the end of fall I’d like to show off this senior photo session at Palatine Stables in…well..Palatine.  This session brings back memories of sundresses, warm summer evenings and horses grazing in pastures.  It brings me back to all the wonderful things I know and miss (already) about summertime.

We had a really relaxed session that Julia and I planned perfectly for lighting with the summer sun sinking through the trees at just the right moments to grab some fabulous shots of Julia and Enzo, partners and teammates.  We started Julia’s senior session with tree climbing.  I mentioned on a whim “wouldn’t it be awesome if we got you up in that tree?” I was met with the response more commonly seen in spider monkeys.  I barely had the words out of my mouth before Julia was up in the tree with minor help from my assistant.  “well here it goes” I thought and boosted my self up behind her.  Alex my right hand man had to hand up the cameras separately.  I’m more concerned about my cameras falling out of a tree than myself apparently.  And that’s how the rest of the session went, Julia, game for anything, willing to try all sorts of crazyness my brain can muster up.  We jumped fences, climbed trees, layed in the grass, posed with a horse.  Basically all the things you’d do as a teen on a warm evening at a horse stable…well, besides actually riding.

I was also able to play around with the new Lens Baby composer pro with 80mm optic that I managed to score for the week.  It was a fun lens to play around with and Julia was more than game to let me experiment with new equipment, but I’m still on the fence about actually buying it, I might have to give it another test run 😉

Thank you Julia for such a relaxed and easy going session!  It was a wonderful experience and best wishes on your future endeavors!

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