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This wedding was crazy gorgeous and the details so well thought out not to mention a really attractive couple!  I was so stoked to have been a part of Tia and David’s wedding day and I don’t even really know where to begin with the story.  Well it was a long drive lol I guess I’ll start there.  It was an outdoor, farm property where both the ceremony and reception took place between 2 little ponds and they sky was threatening rain all day, but made for some awesome photography!  Overcast is great for photos and I tell a lot of my brides afraid of the rain on their wedding day, “if we can walk that fine line between storm and no storm, your pictures will be wonderful.” So true.  It actually started thunder storming just before Tia and Davids first look but only lasted maybe 10 minutes.  The short blast of storm helped cool down the atmosphere, it already being hot and muggy most of the morning.

And then the first look…omg you can tell these two were meant for each other.  And David is a fantastic bride dipper!  Once for the first look and once at their ceremony, and I didn’t even have to coach them!  The whole day embodied the spirit of them, being a young vibrant couple, with an eye for the details that really helped pull the whole event together.  And it was intimate, uniquely them and absolutely beautiful.  We photographed just the two of them then I sent them on their way to get hitched, afterword concentrating on family, friends, and a whole lotta photojournalism.  It didn’t rain the rest of the day but we were able to capture some dramatic bridal party shots with a stormy sky but over all my favorite portraits were the ones illustrating the love between Tia and David.  Here’s a peak at Tia and Davids wedding day, I’m excited to share and hope you all enjoy.

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