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Where to start with Austin…well from the beginning would seem natural.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Chelsie and Charlie at my Bradly baby birth class a few years back.  I remember telling Chelsie, “you look so familiar” and she had responded “well unless we met in Texas we probable haven’t met before.”  But meeting this couple was like knowing them all my life, warm, welcoming, genuine people.  I LOVE this family, what can I say, and I was so psyched to have the opportunity to be Austin’s photographer!

They currently live in the Chicago ‘burbs so it was relatively easy to find perfect locations for the shoot, not too much travel time involved, as in we walked there!  HIGH FIVE for easy shooting locations!  On the other hand it can be tough to get this little man to smile, he likes to pull off the serious “poker face” look pretty regularly, he’ll be a great poker player or CEO someday.  I have high hopes for this kid.  And I have to say every time I see him he gets cuter, mom and dad are going to have their hands full keeping the ladies off in 16 years haha!

Charlie has photography skills himself, we’ve worked together on occasion and he’s assisted me on a newborn shoot.  Always one of my geek out guys when it comes to equipment, shooting style, and editing.  Not everyone understands the excitement of ordering a new piece of equipment, only photo nerds lol.  We decided not to do a cake smash, Austin’s dad had already taken care of that with some epic cake smash shots.  Kudos, well done Charlie!

Besides the nature images we captured, Mom-Chelsie and I decided to set up a mini studio and set Austin in the middle of a wall of balloons.  Word of advice for anyone wanting to try this set-up…blow up way more balloons than you think you are going to need.  Trust me on this one.  Copious amounts of balloons won a few smiles out of Austin and I’m happy to be able to share the images with you all!


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