Missing Summer

It has been a while before I’ve had a chance to actually get to my own images as far as editing is concerned, a lot of these have been waiting patiently on my hard drive for some time.  This particular image is totally making me miss summer right now especially with our high of 11 degrees here in Chicago today, at least there is a little bit of sun shining but it is making me hesitant to head outside at the moment.  These images were taken in Minnesota on our family’s annual trip.  For those of you who know me I have a soft spot for our equine friends.  My SIL and I ran out to pick up a few groceries and when were were driving by this piece of property i knew I had to have this shot.  We ran back to the cabin to grab my camera and I quite literately jumped a fence and trekked halfway across this pasture to capture this beautiful animal just as the sun was starting to set.  

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